Univ. - Prof. Dr. med. univ. Tadeusz Peter Panhofer, MBA

Univ. – Prof. Dr. med. univ. Tadeusz Peter Panhofer, MBA

Faculty Medicine
E-mail tadeusz.panhofer@med.sfu.ac.at
Location Vienna

Field of work

Chair of Complementary Medicine with a focus on Traditional Chinese Medicine


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Panhofer, born 9.9.1977, is
medical director of the MedOstWest Centre
in Vienna and board member of the Austrian
Society for Acupuncture (ÖGA). For many
years he was vice-president of MedChin
(Medical Society for Chinese Health Care in
Austria). After numerous training courses
(ÖÄK diploma for acupuncture, ÖÄK
diploma for Chinese diagnostics & medicinal
therapy, Qi Gong diploma, master's degree
in TCM) and instructive stays abroad in
metabolic syndrome,
TCM, acupuncture
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Chengdu, China and the University Hospital
of Bern, he is enthusiastically involved in
TCM teaching and research. After his Venia
Docendi in surgery and his move to the
position of Scientific Coordinator of the
IFSO-certified Obesity Centre at the
Krankenhaus Göttlicher Heiland Vienna, his
focus is on the evidence-based TCM
treatment of Psychosocial Metabolic