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Our Library at Sigmund Freud University Linz

The Library at SFU Linz is located in rooms 8.04 and 8.05. Here students can access textbooks from a wide variety of disciplines in psychology as well as psychotherapy science.


You can easily find out whether the book you are looking for is available in Linz by using our online search of the SFU library’s complete holdings. A system provides information about the order in which the books are shelved in the library (“Signature” begins with the capital Latin letter A …, B, … etc.).


Textbooks can be borrowed every Thursday between 9:00 am – 1:00 pm by appointment. A form will be given to sign each time a textbook is borrowed, and the date and quality assurance will be verified when the book is returned. Textbooks can be borrowed for up to one week.


Gabriella Kovacs, B.A.
Study Service Center
Phone: +43 732 99 57 99 10
E-mail: gabriella.kovacs@sfu.ac.at

Consultation hours (presence or digital): by appointment
Tel.: +43 660 270 31 30