The mission of Sigmund Freud Private University:
We don’t just start careers, we encourage personality.

SFU’s mission is guided by four fundamental motives:

  • The cultivation of Sigmund Freud’s intellectual legacy.
  • The cultivation of humanistic values in an increasingly purpose-driven social and academic environment
  • The emphasis on personality as the basis (rather than a sideline) of education
  • The responsibility as a provider of psychosocial services in a scientific and therapeutic sense

With the study of psychotherapy science, SFU was the first in the world to realise Sigmund Freud’s vision of establishing psychotherapy as an academic subject. A psychology degree with a strong humanistic orientation complements the programme in this respect. Individual personality development plays a central role in both directions already in the admission procedure and is a central component of the curricula right down to the didactic concepts of the individual fields of study.

The university’s own clinics (in Vienna) not only serve the practical training of students, but also make a public welfare-oriented contribution to the provision of psychotherapeutic and psychological as well as dental services. Special attention is paid to the needs and possibilities of people with a migration background.