Leonard Brixel, M.A.

Leonard Brixel, M.A.

Faculty Psychology
E-mail leonard.brixel@sfu-berlin.de
Location Berlin

Field of work

Scientific staff


Leonard Brixel works as a Research Associate at the Department of Psychology of the SFU Berlin and teaches qualitative research methods at the Bachelor and Master levels. In his master thesis in clinical psychology, he focused on political dimensions of psychoanalytical psychotherapy in Israel and conducted interviews with Israeli psychoanalysts. He is currently engaged in the research project “Feeling The Past – Belonging, History and Presence in the German post-1989 Generation”. His dissertation at the SFU Vienna focuses on the affective constructions of belonging among members of the post-1989 generation.

Research and work interest

Qualitative methods, depth-hermeneutics, psychoanalytical social psychology, political education, conflict transformation
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