Univ. - Prof. Dr. med. univ. Christian Simhandl

Univ. – Prof. Dr. med. univ. Christian Simhandl

Faculty Medicine
Location Vienna


Psychiatric University Hospital Vienna
1980-1996. Diploma in sports medicine.
Doctor of psychotherapy (existential
analysis & logotherapy) since 1991.
Pharmaceutical industry: 1992-1993
Development and management of clinical
studies in the CNS field. Member of IGSLI
(International Group of Studies in Lithium
Cohorts) since 1988. Founder and President
of the Austrian Society for Bipolar Disorders
(2004 -2017). Primary physician of the
Department and Day Clinic for Psychiatry
and Psychotherapeutic Medicine in
Neunkirchen (2000-2008) . Long-term
observations of manic-depressive patients
with publications in specialist journals and
daily newspapers. Head of the Bipolar
Centre Wiener Neustadt since 2008.