Leonard Häusser, M.A.

Faculty Psychology
E-mail leonard.haeusser@gmx.de
Location Berlin

Field of work

psychotherapy, psychosomatic medicine, psychodynamic therapies


Mr. Häusser studied psychology at the International Psychoanalytic University in Berlin. After
graduating in 2012, he worked as a psychological ward manager on the children's and adolescent ward of the psychiatric-psychotherapeutic specialist clinic in Tiefenbrunn. In addition to the great joy he takes in clinical work, he has always been interested in the underlying theoretical and conceptual questions that resulted in publications in clinical journals. This was followed by a position as therapeutic director of the P.A.N. center for post-acute neurorehabilitation in Berlin. In the context of further training as a psychological psychotherapist with a focus on psychodynamic psychotherapy, he has worked in the field of pain medicine and in the clinic for psychotherapy and psychiatry of the Ernst-von-Bergmann Clinic in Potsdam, where he continues to work.