Univ. - Prof. Dr. Dr. med. univ. Ruth Fritsch-Stork

Univ. – Prof. Dr. Dr. med. univ. Ruth Fritsch-Stork

Faculty Medicine
E-mail ruth.fritsch@med.sfu.ac.at
Location Vienna

Field of work

Chair of Rheumatology


Univ. Prof. Dr. Ruth Fritsch-Stork, PhD, is an
internist and rheumatologist with
experience in immunological research and
clinical immunology. During her studies and
training at AKH-Vienna she researched
immunological aspects of rheumatological
diseases. Long-term research stay in the
USA (NIH). In 2007-2016 she moved to the
University Hospital in Utrecht as a
rheumatologist and clinical immunologist
and obtained her PhD there. She also served
on the board of the national foundation of
the Dutch SLE Registry, as a member of
national and international working groups
for lupus, and as organiser and chair of
university clinical immunology conferences.
She has been at Hanusch Hospital in Vienna
since May 2016.