Ass. - Prof. Mag. Dr. Erich Eder

Ass. – Prof. Mag. Dr. Erich Eder

Faculty Medicine
Location Vienna

Field of work

Assistant Professor of Biology, Science Lab, Journal Club, Study Counsel


Erich Eder is Assistant Professor of Biology at the Medical Faculty of SFU Vienna and has been teaching at the University of Vienna for over 20 years ( After PhD in zoology at the Department of Evolutionary Biology (Univ. Vienna) research on morphological, ecological and conservation biology issues. International lecturing activities; visiting researcher at Humboldt University Berlin, Københavns Universitet and Universitá di Bologna; Theodor Körner Award for Science (1999), City of Vienna Promotion Award for Science and Popular Education (2004), Josef Schöffel Conservation Award of the Province of Lower Austria (2008), Teaching Award of the University of Vienna (2019).
Teaching focus: Module leader B6 (Fundamentals of Life), leader Skills Line POL (Problem Oriented Learning) and Science Lab (Microscopy), Biology for Medical Students, Journal Club (researching, reading and writing scientific papers).
Research focus: supervision of master theses on evolution, sex education, medicinal plants, CoViD19, etc. For several years, interested in the causes of creationism, alternative medicine and superstition ("paranormal belief"), as well as in philosophy of science and didactics of science and medicine.
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