Marie-Cécile Bertau, Professor Dr.

Marie-Cécile Bertau, Professor Dr.

Fakultät Psychologie
Ort Berlin


Dozentin für Kommunikations- und Sprachwissenschaften


Dr. Marie-Cécile Bertau. Associate Professor for Psychology at the Department for Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology, University of West Georgia, USA. Head of PhD Program. Habilitation: Address, reply, and understanding. Elements for an alterity-based psycholinguistic (2011). Research: Following dialogical epistemology, the aim is to understand the psychological workings and effects of language in human life. Drawing from cultural-historical theory and contemporary dialogical psychologies, topics addressed are the formation of self and identity while dialoguing with others, speaking to oneself in inner speech, and forms of “written speech” (Vygotsky). Bertau’s core term is voice, a psycho-physical event expressing and shaping dialogically related selves.